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This document includes evaluation of hypothetical scenarios, which have not been ruled out as scientifically possible – nothing is intended as an allegation towards a particular person or group.

In traditional fiction the zombie outbreak involves a revival of the deceased, which swarm citizens.  More plausible is where living individuals lose control over thoughts and actions to some degree, on account of mental reprogramming.  For now we will evaluate factors directly affecting the human brain rather than incidents involving computers, robots, self-driving cars / aircraft being hacked / remote controlled, also under the definition of zombies.

Modes of Transmission

– Operation of a computer chip or microprocessor in an individual’s neurological region.  As these devices require less physical space, other delivery methods become feasible in addition to surgical implantation, including injection and sinus inhalation.
– Biological agents, as in Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis among the insect kingdom, causing ants to act erratically; technically a portion of the human population is actively affected by zoonotic diseases like toxoplasmosis, passed onto pet owners, and rabies.  Our concern is a bio-modified virus, bacteria, fungi, or protozoa operating in this fashion, engineered to carry out its designer’s plans.  Other means of infection in that case may include physical contact, ingestion, or vector-born (e.g. mosquitoes and ticks).
– Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) / “cell towers,” the notion one day this technology could be tuned certain ways to affect those within range.

Prevention / Treatment
For Investigation Only, Not to be Construed as Medical Advice – As of the Current Update, This Page Has Not at Any Time Attempted to Present a Case Conditions Are In Place Which Call for Following These Guidelines

– Do not agree to receive a computer-based mind or body implant unless convinced it is your only option to remain alive; any one attempting to administer on another without verified written request from the recipient deserves to face a war crimes tribunal.  Surgical removal or electric disabling of an implanted device must consider the potential for a self-destruct mechanism, configured so the host will not survive if this item is disabled.
– Under no circumstance should any injection be mandatory to receive.  Before getting any shots / vaccination request an independent review, in which the full specimen is run under an electron microscope, with computer assisted identification, to examine exact composition – any red flag calls for an investigation into the healthcare hierarchy; consider alternate treatments.
– Where airborne exposure is a concern avoid being in the vicinity of the wrong building ventilation, fuel exhaust / airplanes, spiked drugs which may include smoking and nasal intake.  Personal air containment by vacuum / compression to divert particles, potentially reaching the point wearing a spacesuit is necessary for every one on Earth not in a self-regulating, controlled environment.
– Scientists working in the field of nanotech please focus your work towards developing a range of Nano-Detection devices, covering a personal or area radius: scan technology based on infrared imaging, biomarkers, plasmonics, able to identify slight molecular charges; also requesting further development of the Nano-KillSwitch, which indiscriminately disables / neutralizes all non-natural nanocomputers in a given range, basically defense particles to seek out then collide into identified targets and zap one at a time, self destructing necessarily upon contact; shooting a stream of those individually into the objective area, one at a time for complete monitoring; then again, to even pursue this project may arguably be more of a risk than it is worth.
– Pest control of vector-carrying creatures, involving certain insects and arachnids around inhabited areas, cultivating their natural predators, altering conditions to be unfavorable towards threatening forms, botanical methods to repel away from one’s personal space; also robotics to identify, attract, then zap offending species / larvae.
– Anti-microbial compounds and immune support, including specific targeted medications if adequate development time available; substances delivered via beverage, nebulizer, or submersion in a solution over extended durations of time; enclosure in a room with restraint if necessary to undergo intravenous drip / feeding tubes.
– Avoid being in the range of exposure from electromagnetic fields; install barriers / shielding in residencies, further development of portable protection / wearables, knock out all offending towers upon authorization, before activation if possible.
– All those developing bio, nano, or microwave technologies: identify yourselves and disclose your intentions to receive oversight and inspection by frequent separate arbiters, with records kept and released for public review.  Outline in detail all components and steps in the process; be willing to halt operations and abandon your work if the slightest risk is recognized for a scenario of such concern, until further studies definitively conclude otherwise; if not expect to face trial for war crimes then execution.
– Scientists working on such projects may have honorable intentions, and the outbreak is an unintended consequence, if there is a malfunction and the device did not function as they had in mind.  For a manmade outbreak we cannot assume appointed authorities will be able to prevent whoever is responsible; at this point the world may need an independent action hero task force to help serve justice and stop further damage.

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Home Office

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Workers can spend so much time at the office their homes remain unoccupied for much of the day.  In that case rental / mortgage expenses are better off saved towards a future purchase or invested elsewhere.  Likewise, office buildings are usually unused after-hours and therefore go to waste during this time.  Adverse effects occur from daily commuting, including the risk of automobile accidents, exposure to pollution, and monetary costs.  Given these factors, more employees should be enabled to sleep in their office / place of work.  If living standards therein are unsatisfactory, i.e., harmful to one’s health, then doubt is raised if an individual should be in the place for any amount of time at all.

Modern working environments contain additional health hazards beyond standard housing, outlined in our respective presentation (nonprofitwebinar.org/housing); such concerns include:
– Ink aerosols from printers and copiers, which spread across upwards of a 10-meter radius, absorbed through the skin and membranes, containing chemicals which cause respiratory and other physical problems.  All such equipment, along with lamination / melted plastic (i.e., “3d printing”), should be kept isolated, in a separate room, with ventilation directing impacted air outside to an uninhabited area.  On a side note this is unfortunately a common source of exposure in public schools, where copy-room and lamination attendants suffer from chronic illness after working in such rooms; also, students’ desks are often well within range of exposure from laser printers, which is unacceptable.
– Electric radiation caused by wireless networks & mobile devices, known as “Electromagnetic Fields” or EMF, dangers from which are becoming more widely acknowledged, notably from power lines, wireless networks, cell towers, and “smart meters.”  Until further studies take place, workers should use a direct Ethernet connection whenever possible and the office administration consider having “wireless free” zones for those who don’t require “wi-fi” for any reason, or at least install the most powerful shielding and barriers available.  Unfortunately this is now a concern in most residential areas, especially apartments, where dozens of wireless networks are commonly within range of one unit, to which developing children are to be considered more at risk / susceptible.
– Fluorescent bulbs also emit electric radiation in use and carry the risk of mercury contamination when the bulb breaks.  Strict protocol must be followed to prevent mercury from spreading via HVAC, if one of these or a “plasma” / LCD screen breaks in the building; there are also red flags concerning “computer dust,” which contains traces of harmful metals.  Fluorescent bulbs should be replaced with the LED equivalent, if at all possible.
– Petroleum fumes from automobiles in the parking lot and nearby roads, with a cumulative effect of numerous vehicles, it has been determined air quality is even worse inside the building than outside.  Nearby roads and parking lots need to leave sufficient space away from the building, with natural remediation areas if possible.
– Lab work, involving chemical and biological agents, needs to be isolated in a separate building, with a remediation barrier outside.  Any worker involved in producing / utilizing said materials should receive the maximum appropriate protective equipment.  Any such labs and / or manufacturing must be sectioned off from residential facilities and IT / clerical staff, with an appropriate distance between the buildings.  Calculations are requested to determine the distances necessary for different materials, taking into account various substances and quantities.
– Custodial chemicals, often stronger than household cleaners; steam-based sanitization should be used instead whenever possible, along with UV / “flash” disinfectant, otherwise adequate air circulation and ventilation built in.  Custodians frequently work in close-quarters with chemical fumes, and it is regretful they are not always provided with respirators / hazard suits for their jobs.
– Unauthorized activity, such as smoking in the building, tenants who set up “meth labs;” policies must stipulate workers are not to perform any activity which will contaminate the building.  Detectors should be installed which alert their presence or upon being powered down without notice.

Amenities needed to facilitate the home office:
– Individual units / rooms with locks, electricity, lighting, climate control, cable internet access
– Sleeping accommodations in the rooms, potentially including a foldout bed, cot, recliner, air mattress, “business hammocks”
– Storage to hold hygiene products; closet space for clothing, shoes, ironing board
– Kitchen area, access to an oven, stove / range / hot plate, toaster, food “3d printer,” faculty fridge, pantry, dishwasher
– Laundry machines / washer & dryer, wash basin
– Bathroom and showering facilities, including privacy walls between stalls, bug / camera detectors available
– Trash / recycling disposal and pickup
– Tornado shelter / adverse weather protection
– Medical room / first aid station

Optional offerings to be included as needed / if possible:
– Lobby / reception / visitors’ center, conference rooms
– Cafeteria / restaurant, convenience store / grocer, vending machines
– Transportation / trolley service back to town / central locations
– Gym / fitness center; recreation rooms including video screens, table games
– Outdoor recreation – athletic fields / courts, grills / smoking section, trails / wilderness zones
– Camping / sleeping outside, weather permitting, secured / sectioned off with breach detection
– Daycare / child supervision, playground / activity areas
– Access control & audit trails for secure / high clearance sections, vault for valuables / sensitive documents
– Perimeter guard tower / watch post, surveillance, motion detectors, alarms
– Self contained water purification, backup power, landline phone / shortwave radio communication
– Gardening / greenhouse / aquaponics, long term volume food storage
– Religious quarters, church, temple, mosque
– Pet accommodations, fenced in outdoor section with shelter / “dog house”
– Docks / boathouse for those located along waterlines; flood protection, in that case
– Data backup warehouse, built in protection from electromagnetic discharge (i.e., faraday cage)
– Panic room, underground escape access, helicopter landing pad

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Immigration Reform

Script Image Posted November 05, 2014; Text on Page Last Updated June 22, 2017


During recent international pandemic outbreaks immigration reform became a subject of increased concern.  In the United States existing law is technically not carried out, in which case actual reform may be unnecessary.  Whereas enforcement may be interpreted in different ways, the following article is not an attempt to dispute that notion.  This is considering the case from different sides of the story to determine a potential win-win scenario, assuming negotiations reopen with full enforcement on the table so fewer concessions are made.

From a public health standpoint undocumented residents within the borders interested to qualify for legal status would be instructed to identify themselves by a cutoff date, to be determined, to schedule medical testing and treatment.  Facial recognition photos and other forms of biometric identification would offer advantages for solving eventual crimes, along with DNA identification for cases of child determination.  While there are lines that should not be crossed in terms of surveillance, it is necessary to draw the line between individuals entering illegally, compared with citizens and those who respected official application guidelines.  By not following the formal process beforehand they have forfeited some expectation of privacy, and immigrants in general may be subject to increased monitoring to detect hostile invasion.  After the cut off date any “illegals” discovered in the nation, for instance applying for government services / permits, along with those detained on suspicion of crimes, may carry a virus of concern, in which case they must undergo a quarantine and evaluation phase.  Over the course of this period they are maintained within groups of others waiting the same amount of time, within their own population if possible, to prevent culture clash and cross contamination.

During the registration process immigrants can receive aptitude testing and training to determine what sort of work they will be best suited for, focusing on high-priority fields including agriculture, transportation, and housing.  Instruction on the nation’s laws, language, and culture also takes place.  At any point they are welcome to return to their home nation if they cannot accept those terms for any reason.

For residents already qualified as legal citizens, none of these procedures apply; they are to be considered clear from a medical standpoint, except in the event of international travel.  If returning from a high risk nation, individuals must undergo the isolation period, alongside others reentering at the same time, including medical testing and treatment as appropriate.  Legal citizens also should receive reinforced rights for ownership of self-defense equipment, with more strict penalties for foreigners found with unauthorized weapons or materials.

Illegal aliens are mainly requesting to be no longer treated as unwelcome criminals, along with a “pathway to citizenship,” so hereafter they will be instead referred to as “pending citizens.”  Undocumented foreign nationals in the USA committing crimes give a bad reputation to residents went through the steps to apply properly, who are contributing to the the nation’s labor force and technology industry.  Arguably the main concern is the financial toll from illegal immigrants taking advantage of the nation’s amenities, whereas the situation should be structured more to the citizens’ advantage.  In other words if any one wishes to remain undocumented, legal or otherwise, as long as they are not consuming government services nor committing crimes, they are not a concern in that case.  This way official identification is not mandatory for either side, and for those who agree to participate in the process a compromise can be approached as follows:

With technology replacing human workers at a rapid pace, there are not enough jobs for all residents; with so many already in the United States under the table, this presents an opportunity to leverage their labor and enrich current citizens.  Therefore, all established adult United States citizens would receive a monthly guaranteed minimum fixed income, in which the tax system facilitates immigrant work / labor paying toward this amount.  Since they have stepped forward and identified themselves / registered, participating immigrants will disburse income taxes, at somewhat higher rates than actual citizens.  As it stands undocumented persons (along with members of the underground economy) avoid income taxes altogether, since their earnings are off the record – many have suggested raising tax rates on consumption of resources / products they likely purchase, whereas legal citizens would receive guaranteed monthly income to offset this difference.  Calculations are requested, including ballpark tax rates, the amount paid out to citizens, developing a formula for a point of equilibrium if possible, given different variables including number of residents and purchase considerations, among others.  Within the next handful of decades, automation is expected to replace most peoples’ jobs, so the objective is to bridge the gap until then with the labor of “pending citizens.”  For authorities considering to apply a Universal Basic Income, at this point the only course to economic viability appears to involve some form of Immigration Reform; as for proposals to fund such a program through added taxation on industry, it has already been established their response would be to resituate their business elsewhere to avoid paying higher rates.

After they’ve been registered in good standing for a number of decades (including fractional) to be determined, former illegal immigrants can eventually receive citizenship status themselves.  As a side note the monetary benefits would apply only to adult age citizens – any one born in the United States automatically becomes a citizen regardless of the parents’ status, so if income was given for children, there would be more incentive to abuse the system (as it stands anchor children already qualify for food and other assistance).  For instance, after each anchor child born the parents must add a number of additional years onto their waiting period for qualification, to offset the eventual cost.  Calculations are requested to determine the optimum number of years for an individual to be in the pending phase, along with how many additional years to add per child.  Also there is the notion to subtract from one’s progress in the event of crimes, in addition to jail time or other applicable sentencing; lack of production may also lead to such subtractions, the amounts of which can be fine-tuned during the process.

For those struggling to afford basic food and shelter, there would be locations available as needed, for instance facilities described as “fusion centers.”  Expenses for such accommodations need to be factored into the equation when determining tax rates and payouts.  Over time immigrants would be encouraged to live in regular residences once they can afford, and established citizens are invited to actively participate in “crowdfunding” where they contribute donations to help those valued by the neighborhood.  The aforementioned facilities are to be used more as a temporary placement / last resort.  Currently migrant workers are taken advantage of and should expect to receive more fair wages after these reforms, even with extra taxes factored in, and can expect more acceptable working conditions.  Immigrants are not forced to remain in the program; they are welcome to return to their home nation at any time, potentially without forfeiting any progress towards citizenship, in the event they opt back in.  The current process to apply for citizenship could remain in place, where the United States can identify and fast-track individuals with the most beneficial proficiencies, before they are claimed by another nation.

It needs to be noted – for American citizens to claim their guaranteed income would be optional – if they have a religious objection or other concerns they can choose not to participate in this program altogether.  Neither medical screenings nor economic participation will be required for citizens, yet they are always welcome to receive testing / treatment, work one of the available jobs, live in the facilities, or any combination thereof, if they would like.  One or more members of this presentation’s development team will offer to provide consulting, free of charge, to define what standards of operation are acceptable then personally relocate long-term to one of the facilities, under the right conditions, to ensure the process takes place in a legitimate, transparent fashion.

Note to Citizens of Developed Nations With Apprehension About Recent Immigration – Political administrators are the ones you and your contacts need to take this up with, not individual aliens or groups thereof.  Many undocumented individuals have worked and behaved admirably for years, are on good terms with the locals, and would be grateful for the opportunity to earn legal status by contributing extra.

The above article pertains to the United States’ current state of affairs.  Additional variables are involved when evaluating the European “migrant crisis,” notably the percentage of consanguineous childbirth taking place in the areas entering from.  This is assuming established estimates are in the correct ballpark, from resources for instance the “Global Prevalence of Consanguinity” summary.  If any one has reason to dispute this data or any corrections / updates, please notify one of our departments at your earliest convenients, in which case the mapmakers would owe an apology to villagers from these regions.

ConsangWiki – Global Prevalence Map

The Reference Section indicates with danger zone areas the practice more often ties into cultural and/or religious principals, in contrast with occasions from early USA settlement times, which generally resulted from incidents leaving residents with few available options (e.g., nearby villagers perished without modern transportation).  In that case the practice among pockets of local United States populations took place over comparably short-term stretches of time, where the deleterious effects are less pronounced.  Most of the developed world considers the insistence of such arrangements to be an improper interpretation of religious doctrine, having affected more than one major system of belief at some point throughout history, in each case generally giving the associated faith a bad name.  Interpretations from territories of concern can also lead to certain other uncivilized actions, including a tendency towards belligerent behavior, at a percentage too high to evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

Citizens being mandated to transfer wealth to outsiders intent on expanding the influence of such interpretations are made complicit in spreading related adverse effects throughout further territories.  In order to cover the cost of added social services, host nations must take on additional debt from international lending agencies, which may explain the insistence on accelerating this type of migration by such agencies, along with media outlets they operate – this statement is not accusing any cultural or religious denomination of said manipulations; if anything those usually associated with claims of that nature are among the most at risk of being attacked by the migrants in question – also the group facing such allegations gets unfairly associated with this form of marriage practice from abrupt periods in history when portions of their population were forced into isolation within their own countries; upon resettling a land elsewhere to prevent this from happening again they find themselves encircled on the map by places as explained where this custom has been performed over the years as a deliberate act, with hostility displayed towards them by several of those surrounding states as a result.

The religious group often associated with the manipulative media was actually one of, if not the earliest civilization to discourage objectionable fornication with non-human animals. This is in direct contradiction with the liberal media; whereby insisting we all need to celebrate other peoples’ culture that is the type of behavior they are talking about.  The discouragement of such fornication has been an ongoing source of resentment against members of this faith, with antagonists from a range of backgrounds preaching to inflict ill upon them over the years in opposition.  Along those lines the mainstream media and their leaders seemingly have made it a mission of theirs to implant large amounts of those from code-red areas, where interpretations lead to high participation rates of such fornication, into everyone else’s town including the ancestral homeland of the religious people supposedly in control of said media. To bequeath any dominion in that area, documented as this population’s hallowed ground, to inhabitants directly or indirectly associated with practice of such fornication, should qualify as an act of desecration and reason enough to corroborate which party has rightful claim to said land, along with an appropriate surrounding portion.  Technically it is not practicable for another class of fauna to give a person consent for such intercourse, thus qualifying in principal as a form of abuse, also perhaps tying into the proclivity of acting out such thoughts on other human beings without express permission or request, kin or otherwise.  Now may not be the most appropriate time to deliberate on the mental faculties of those experiencing such urges; also let us keep our conjecture within the realm of current taxonomy on record.

It is understandable migrants attempting entry to escape dangerous situations; assuming the actual goal remains to keep as many of them alive as possible, it would make sense to keep them at a location where the per-capita cost of living and medical services are lower, thereby minimizing direct impact of objectionable customs on innocent bystanders as well. There is a range of options to provide them assistance which could be further evaluated.  For one thing nations could bring security forces to the outskirts of the conflict and set up secure holding facilities closer to the source, with guards around the exterior and patrol within, assuming approval of the nation this takes place.  For individuals who already left their own region, a host nation can manage similar facilities within its own borders, where less military activity will be necessary.  Another proposal involves enlisting European Union administrators to oversee an operation of this nature, in a centralized manner, so each individual state is not tasked with handling separately.  The nation(s) with high amounts of debt would grant sections of their territories to be used during the duration of this program; participating nations provide personnel to set up, manage, and secure these areas.  In any case migrants in danger may remain in this setup until they feel safe to return to their original home.  Entering into or remaining in one of these facilities must always remain optional, so they are welcome to leave and return to their nation of origin at any time.  A priority of relief efforts should be to help minorities at risk of attack from consanguineous aggression, where those in need of support can call in with their coordinates and be airlifted to a safe and stable facility elsewhere, until everything settles back down.  Otherwise they are at risk of being thrown overboard from ships when outnumbered by instigators looking to enforce interpretations in question.

Secure holding facilities could serve as an opportunity for residents to develop education and employment skills, if interested.  Arrangements could also give adults the chance to opt-in for work programs on-site, from which they’d receive a stipend, along with work placement on the mainland for those who demonstrate high proficiency in needed areas.  With proper education and training, individuals born into belief systems of concern are able at times to overcome obstacles and achieve in academics and technical fields.  Many have never received modern education beyond early elementary grades, there could at least be method to evaluate their status and attempt making an informed decision about who you are bringing into the mainland and for what reason.  It needs to be emphasized the objective is only to break even; worker payment rates are to be calculated based on remaining revenue after covering the cost of operation, including salaries and overhead expenses.  Having them in holding facilities should not be seen as an opportunity for a person or group to profit financially.  In conclusion, the preferred option is for neighboring nations of the same persuasion to setup safe zones and cover the cost themselves; unfortunately as they have demonstrated inability and/or unwillingness to do so, this alternate proposal can be brought to the table, letting them know here is what we can offer, and perhaps they will reconsider.

In addition to the recent onrush, Europe had already received a substantial influx of migrants from at-risk backgrounds, from the time the initial unification treaty went into effect during recent decades.  For now citizens should consider European Union commissioners potentially brought you these people in good faith, meaning well to help those in turmoil.  Unfortunately the resulting economic bankruptcies indicate this current arrangement is not viable long-term.  Those with financial obligations tied into accommodating incursion from code-red regions need to consider cutting their losses at this point, since either way it will eventually leave out others unable to get there before at capacity; then it would be unfair to give preferential treatment to those who arrived sooner.  One option would be repatriate a portion of those brought in during earlier phases of the timeline, an unbiased approach in that case being to send back mainly those not maintaining “Substantial Gainful Employment.”  There is to be no discrimination against anyone’s race, beliefs, case-by-case history of consanguineous birth, etc.; the focus is to keep around those making positive economic contributions and give the rest a fair chance to earn their way in.  Others are notified unfortunately due to a lack of available funding the host nation is no longer able to provide financial support for those not maintaining “Substantial Gainful Employment;” they will be offered an incentive payment to return to their original nation, along with assistance during the transition process, including optional secure facilities as discussed .  The best way to help these people is to ensure they know the harm caused by their cultural practices then take this knowledge with them back to regions in question to share with the rest of their villages.  A majority population of host nations in the developed world could be convinced to allow them to remain in some capacity, assuming terms of the agreement become less unfavorable and percentages are kept low enough to avoid causing adverse impact on other people’s lives.

Whatever the result of negotiations with the United States’ situation, citizens of the American continents (North, Central, and South) should learn the lessons from nations which have already attempted importing a consequential amount of persons from regions of concern.  It is our commitment to Central and South Americans to ensure they are not forced to concede authority over who enters their land, in order to prevent outside forces from diminishing their standard of living.  Currently in the United States the majority of immigrants that would fall under the “pending status” designation can trace their ancestry to other American continents, so the level of detriment from a culture of concern is lower in that respect for now.  Expressing concerns over foreign customs is nothing against any one personally, the point is the more you have from certain regions our country will make our country more similar to the places they were trying to get away from in the first place.

The Question Mark areas appear to be less of a concern, where many of the cases are likely more inadvertent, on account of lack of record-keeping. Unfortunately there is uncertainty regarding insufficient restriction on entrance amongst themselves, resulting in unwarranted spillover from nearby red-flag zones, making them more difficult to discern. Those who would place all from this continent in the same category are doing them a disservice, yet the recommendation for now is to proceed with increased caution, unless they get the matter of spillover sorted out.

Societies acting on a system of beliefs others may deem unacceptable should be allowed to continue their ways within certain parameters, provided they keep limited within their own boundaries; at the same time many still contend females should be given the opportunity to go elsewhere, if they would rather not participate.  As far as acts of aggression associated with such populations, the rest of us should mainly know to steer clear from those lands unless intending to adopt their lifestyle.  It is not our business to coerce any one to convert either way; it is a decision they will need to eventually make for themselves then carry out over the ensuing centuries, primarily amongst surrounding civilizations around the same percentiles.  Either way threat detection needs to remain in effect, along with readiness to intervene if presented with evidence any of their leaders has threatened one or more of our allies among developed nations.

To those who have been born into a culture of concern, associated with code-red areas identified by the map as discussed, be aware you are a victim of circumstances beyond your control.  You did nothing wrong to get into this situation, and it does not make you a bad person; realize it may have left you at a disadvantage from a medical or developmental standpoint.  Others able to maintain their standard of living at least in part because they ended these customs hundreds if not thousands of years ago.  It is not too late to reverse course by discouraging others from taking part in these activities from now on.  By sharing this information, you may help prevent some one in the future from dealing with similar adversity.  Express these concerns to any one still sanctioning this behavior; possibly many of them never received a notice to understand otherwise.  However keep in mind this calls into question whether you should trust any of their interpretations, as they are largely responsible for the situation faced by your people.  We are willing to elaborate on why these behaviors are widely considered an incorrect interpretation of one or more religious doctrines, if that is their main objection.  By providing these alerts this page is performing a valuable service for those populations, whereas “advocates” act as enablers of activities which continue to cause them harm.  Again there is nothing personal against any individual associated with this form of marriage, which all humans can trace their lineage to at some point, including chronicles depicted in scriptural texts, written in the context of facing difficult times, which various social groups have experienced for periods ever since, including to this day.  It is just to point out the same applies to other accounts from said texts, where adherents who conducting such matrimonies as their preferred option are more likely to also carry out certain other actions portrayed as if being instructed to them personally.

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