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St. David’s Day

Text on page originally posted July 15, 2020, last updated July 16, 2020

Following up on a recent holiday since it is St Swithhun’s Day already

Having shared a post with the customary quote to commemorate St David’s Day:

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus

Upon recent consideration, when written or sounded out verbally in the original pronunciation, direct English may appear as some offensive statement towards a particular religious / ethnic group. Any similarity of words between the languages are clearly a coincidence in translation, yet perhaps it was awkward to leave this posted on a front page for extended time, including in sequence with one or more other holidays around this timeframe.

(Under Construction: Other examples where by coincidence of translation gives the wrong impression, additional submissions welcome):
Athletic team sponsor, named after a person’s first name – Our sports page sharing posts with images of the jersey, the name happens to not read all that well if taken literally in English instead of the original language.

Contrary to any such context about one’s attitude toward this population, the holiday serves as an occasion to give recognition for their historic feats putting a stop to behaviors uncalled-for by other civilizations they were dealing with, thus preventing such deeds from taking place throughout other regions, guidelines now disseminated and carried out by others as well.

Criticism against actions of an individual affiliated with this community, which one may speak out, it is more a case of them having lost their ways and not a reflection on the original association or their principles. To them our main response shall be to avoid supporting or engaging in such activities, not taking matters into your own hands. No person existing in modern times completely upholds the original standards. The objective can be to steer others onto the right path by setting an example, which was set by the figure from history which became subject of such holidays. Let us share his teachings, with priority focused on higher need groups that ended up the furthest in other directions.

Those in pursuit of restoring these traditions to this land better off to let them handle the situation as they deem appropriate, providing a reasonable amount of support when possible. Those in opposition have forfeited their rights to make a claim for one thing because of their beliefs and actions contrary to the spirit of the season.

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