Healthcare Reform

Script Image Posted October 02, 2014; Text on Page Last Updated January 08, 2016

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This Presentation is for Research Purposes Only and Not to be Considered Medical Advice.

Years after the United States’ Healthcare Act of 2010 went into effect, appreciable government time and resources are actively spent in attempt to repeal or replace.  The following article is evaluating options to add-on for improvement, assuming the law is upheld, not an attempt to take sides on whether it should remain in effect.

Under the Affordable Care Act, American civilians are required to purchase an insurance plan which includes certain “Essential Health Benefits,” including ambulatory, maternity care, prescription drugs, lab work, and preventative / wellness services, among others.  “Preventative and Wellness Services” in this case refers to counseling, screenings, and vaccinations, unfortunately leaving out benefits for those who prefer nutritional and holistic healing.  Insurance plans in question could at least be made to include an allotment towards vitamins, fitness equipment, first-aid supplies, essential oil extracts, water purification devices, and similar products.  Customers would receive funds each month added to an account balance, which may be spent on such provisions, with any remaining balance carrying over to save up for larger investments.  Individuals will be less likely to require as much disease treatment later on, reducing overall cost, and customers then have something to show for their insurance expense during months not requiring other medical services.  This adjustment would improve quality of life for citizens otherwise unable to afford wellness products, which in some cases can also be helpful to have on hand for emergency situations.  Calculations are requested to develop a formula for the exact monthly monetary amounts best suited at given levels of coverage.

Another necessary adjustment for healthcare policy involves pharmaceutical and drug selection, in that patients are often not allowed to have their preferred choice.  If pharmaceuticals are derived from a particular plant, customers should have the option to obtain the plant itself instead.  Many patients have phobias about synthetic medications, given the list of warnings and side effects.  Cannabis herbs, coca leaves, and opium are less likely to cause severe adverse reactions compared with many prescription drugs currently available, assuming they are grown in soil meeting the prerequisites discussed in our Agriculture presentation and dosages controlled.  Upon request patients could either be supplied with the unadulterated product or allowed to cultivate themselves, acknowledging access needs to be carefully controlled as with standard medication.  Keep in mind this conversation refers to the substances used in their basic form; refined products including cocaine and heroin are for recreational purposes and not recommended.  As available on the illegal market these substances do not undergo proper quality control and as a result can contain objectionable added chemicals, likely to cause harm.  All drugs can be addictive with a risk of severe adverse reactions, including death, so usage should only take place with a doctor’s recommendation.

Healthcare legislation would be less necessary if there was more focus to prevent systematic poisoning and infection of human beings through exposure to harmful chemicals and biological agents.  For average citizens affordable access to non-hazardous housing and transportation is limited, and chemicals including heavy metal remain an ongoing threat.  In terms of pandemic outbreaks, current events indicate efforts to prevent foreign disease from entering the United States could be reinforced.  Citizens should not be responsible for any medical bills caused by a viral pandemic impacting the nation because of government negligence – i.e., allowing airline passengers from established danger zones into the United States with no quarantine.  Any one who contracts said pandemic should be provided health insurance for life, along with ongoing / long-term financial compensation.

Notice – If you actively use any medication with psychoactive affects, be aware they are often named as a contributing factor in violent crimes; if you intend to perform an act of aggression, please wait until the drugs wear off then reconsider (contact your doctor beforehand if you have been instructed to never let the drugs wear off).

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