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This document includes evaluation of hypothetical scenarios, which have not been ruled out as scientifically possible – nothing is intended as an allegation towards a particular person or group.

In traditional fiction the zombie outbreak involves a revival of the deceased, which swarm citizens.  More plausible is where living individuals lose control over thoughts and actions to some degree, on account of mental reprogramming.  For now we will evaluate factors directly affecting the human brain rather than incidents involving computers, robots, self-driving cars / aircraft being hacked / remote controlled, also under the definition of zombies.

Modes of Transmission

– Operation of a computer chip or microprocessor in an individual’s neurological region.  As these devices require less physical space, other delivery methods become feasible in addition to surgical implantation, including injection and sinus inhalation.
– Biological agents, as in Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis among the insect kingdom, causing ants to act erratically; technically a portion of the human population is actively affected by zoonotic diseases like toxoplasmosis, passed onto pet owners, and rabies.  Our concern is a bio-modified virus, bacteria, fungi, or protozoa operating in this fashion, engineered to carry out its designer’s plans.  Other means of infection in that case may include physical contact, ingestion, or vector-born (e.g. mosquitoes and ticks).
– Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) / “cell towers,” the notion one day this technology could be tuned certain ways to affect those within range.

Prevention / Treatment
For Investigation Only, Not to be Construed as Medical Advice – As of the Current Update, This Page Has Not at Any Time Attempted to Present a Case Conditions Are In Place Which Call for Following These Guidelines

– Do not agree to receive a computer-based mind or body implant unless convinced it is your only option to remain alive; any one attempting to administer on another without verified written request from the recipient deserves to face a war crimes tribunal.  Surgical removal or electric disabling of an implanted device must consider the potential for a self-destruct mechanism, configured so the host will not survive if this item is disabled.
– Under no circumstance should any injection be mandatory to receive.  Before getting any shots / vaccination request an independent review, in which the full specimen is run under an electron microscope, with computer assisted identification, to examine exact composition – any red flag calls for an investigation into the healthcare hierarchy; consider alternate treatments.
– Where airborne exposure is a concern avoid being in the vicinity of the wrong building ventilation, fuel exhaust / airplanes, spiked drugs which may include smoking and nasal intake.  Personal air containment by vacuum / compression to divert particles, potentially reaching the point wearing a spacesuit is necessary for every one on Earth not in a self-regulating, controlled environment.
– Scientists working in the field of nanotech please focus your work towards developing a range of Nano-Detection devices, covering a personal or area radius: scan technology based on infrared imaging, biomarkers, plasmonics, able to identify slight molecular charges; also requesting further development of the Nano-KillSwitch, which indiscriminately disables / neutralizes all non-natural nanocomputers in a given range, basically defense particles to seek out then collide into identified targets and zap one at a time, self destructing necessarily upon contact; shooting a stream of those individually into the objective area, one at a time for complete monitoring; then again, to even pursue this project may arguably be more of a risk than it is worth.
– Pest control of vector-carrying creatures, involving certain insects and arachnids around inhabited areas, cultivating their natural predators, altering conditions to be unfavorable towards threatening forms, botanical methods to repel away from one’s personal space; also robotics to identify, attract, then zap offending species / larvae.
– Anti-microbial compounds and immune support, including specific targeted medications if adequate development time available; substances delivered via beverage, nebulizer, or submersion in a solution over extended durations of time; enclosure in a room with restraint if necessary to undergo intravenous drip / feeding tubes.
– Avoid being in the range of exposure from electromagnetic fields; install barriers / shielding in residencies, further development of portable protection / wearables, knock out all offending towers upon authorization, before activation if possible.
– All those developing bio, nano, or microwave technologies: identify yourselves and disclose your intentions to receive oversight and inspection by frequent separate arbiters, with records kept and released for public review.  Outline in detail all components and steps in the process; be willing to halt operations and abandon your work if the slightest risk is recognized for a scenario of such concern, until further studies definitively conclude otherwise; if not expect to face trial for war crimes then execution.
– Scientists working on such projects may have honorable intentions, and the outbreak is an unintended consequence, if there is a malfunction and the device did not function as they had in mind.  For a manmade outbreak we cannot assume appointed authorities will be able to prevent whoever is responsible; at this point the world may need an independent action hero task force to help serve justice and stop further damage.

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All Mentions of Actual Persons, Living or Deceased, are for Satirical Purpose Only – Not Making Accusations of Any Crime Being Committed

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